A Royal Proclamation: War Heroes and Criterion for such

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A Royal Proclamation: War Heroes and Criterion for such

Post by Ashla on Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:36 pm

Soldiers or citizens whom:
take action
That is...
1) against odds, putting others first, and risking their lives,

2) for the good of citizens, fellow officers, or for a reasonable cause

3) without causing unnecessary damage or loss of life,

4) done with bravery or strategy,

5) bringing a conflict or emergency to a faster or final close, and thus preventing more loss of life.

This criterion must be used my the war council when defining war heroes and giving medals of valor.

This proclamation is of order of queen Ashla of Barisea, and must be used and enforced by the council of war.

Henceforth, on January 12th this proclamation is taken into effect at 12:00 AM


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