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The Supreme Court Room Empty The Supreme Court Room

Post by Ashla on Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:33 am

This room is where all Supreme Court Decisions are made:
Each Judge has one vote, there are three judges. Judge Claude Thompson of the Kingdom of Barisea, the residing country, is the current chairman. The first meeting of the supreme court is January 30th, and by then all judges will have been elected to the bench.


Background of the case is read to the judges

Judges hear the decisions of the lower courts

Appealer makes their initial case

Defendant makes their initial case

Appealer responds to, and cross interrogates, Defendant

Defendant responds to, and cross interrogates, Appealer

Appealer hears and responds to the Inquiries of the Justices

Defendant hears and responds to the Inquiries of the Justices

Justices ask another round of questions to any persons involved in the case

Justices must consider their decision for two hours before their final vote. During this time, Justices may hear other cases

Justices submit their decision, and their reasoning.

If decision must be a majority to pass

If the decision is a stalemate, the decision of the previous court holds.


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